Halloween Harpy's History in Poem

Jo Nuske posted 24-Oct-2016
The beginning is a fun poem you might say at the door of someone's house. Instead of an article full of dry information, I wrote a poem ..

Bees, White Sage, rescue and decisions. To Kill?

Jo Nuske posted 20-Oct-2016
The sound was deafening: dozens of bees inside my “spiritual room shed”. I stepped outside to see dozens more swarming / gathering around the brok..

Changing the concept of the Altar and Sacrifice

Jo Nuske posted 06-Oct-2016
When we talk of altars, images of sacrificed animals and young women come immediately to mind. The Bible is full of stories about the rituals of ..

Dying to Ourselves: Philosophy from "House", TV Show

Jo Nuske posted 28-Aug-2016
The Philosophy of Movies : "House" Are House and Wilson really dead when they begin their lives of Bikie Freedom? Well, having..

The Human Imperative

Jo Nuske posted 28-Aug-2016
So while the world says don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, should, forbids, makes unlawful those things that were part of natural human rights in the past…...

Calla Lilly: A Symbol of Love Relationship

Jo Nuske posted 22-Aug-2016
The Calla Lilly is featured on the Morgan Greer Tarot Pack as a symbols of the Lovers. This is a short video about the flower meanings...

Symbols for Soul-Mates

Jo Nuske posted 22-Aug-2016
We manifest our lives all the time: what we think, hope for and fear. When we REALLY desire something at a heart level, focus can be re-inforced ..

Shopping for a Soul-Mate

Jo Nuske posted 14-Aug-2016
One of the most common questions I get asked in a reading is “Where do I go to find him/her?” Bringing that special person into your life to lov..

The Myth of Unconditional Love

Jo Nuske posted 08-Aug-2016
No matter what spiritualists say about unconditional love, it is a myth. If you constantly give it and do not receive it in return you become a “..

The Trick to Doing your own Psychic Reading

Jo Nuske posted 03-Aug-2016
The problem with interpreting a reading for ourselves is that the outcome is already on the agenda…..and if the answers don’t come out the way we..

What is a Psychic Reading?

Jo Nuske posted 31-Jul-2016
The 4th Dimension Just like the individual DNA of our bodies, so our life force carries “signature” waves of energy that are shaped by our thought..

Our Hearts Think: Why Love healing works

Jo Nuske posted 29-Jul-2016
Why Love Heals: Science The traditional approach of emotional healing through psychoanalysis of the mind-thought process is in question as we begi..

The Plant or the Pill?

Jo Nuske posted 24-Jul-2016
Nature knows what it is doing. We get into trouble when we bastardise "her" design. Our bodies are perfectly designed to ingest the ..

Does Sacred Space have to be Pretty?

JAQ_ee posted 24-Jul-2016
I wrote this while doing a women's retreat; after spending a fortune on candles, the setting, the food and all the trapping of a beautiful space ..

Age 38. Pluto square Pluto. The subconcious morality check.

Russell posted 24-Jul-2016
Ever notice that alot of people who end their marriage or decide to get reckless, fall into depression and even end their own lives are 38 years old? ..

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