Looking after Your Crystals

Jo Nuske posted 12-Jun-2016
They Change as we work with Them Firstly, I will tell you that this information comes from my personal experience with working with crystals and f..

Crystal Therapy Chart

Jo Nuske posted 12-Jun-2016
A Chart of Crystal Therapy We know that crystals are living energy that have their own frequencies and properties that help us deal with life issu..

Shamanic Meditation : Shadow Animal

Jo Nuske posted 10-Jun-2016
A Meditation for Embracing and Accepting the Shadow side of Ourselves Meeting our Shadow animal helps us to und..

Healing Cancer of the Spirit

Jo Nuske posted 16-Apr-2016
The poisoned earth began when we poisoned our own spirits. While there are a thousand articles all over the net of health regimes to follow fo..

Conquering Hate: The Inner Struggle

Jo Nuske posted 16-Apr-2016
Beating Hate Seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? It is. When we fight fire with fire, we burn everything so there is nothing le..

Relaxation Meditation

Jo Nuske posted 28-Mar-2016
Float on the cloud of destiny and sink deeply into the relaxation of body, mind and spirit. This is a short meditation, designed to take abo..

Cannabis: Growing Medicine Outside

Russell posted 23-Mar-2016
Location: Sunlight, it is free and is abundant in everything your plants need to grow. Choose a well lit spot that gets as much sunlight as poss..

The Christmas Tree: A Story and Video

Jo Nuske posted 27-Nov-2014
Chapter 1. A round of applause greeted the final bars of the music and marked the end of another dance piece of enthusiastic young primary school ..

Rolf Harris and the Hysteria of Destruction

Jo Nuske posted 09-Jul-2014
The case of Rolf Harris has had consequences that reach far beyond his legal conviction. It has been the mass reaction to destroy his life’s wor..

Search for the Divine

Jo Nuske posted 22-Apr-2014
The Elements of Body, Mind and Spirit The body demands that it be nourished and maintained through the physical reality of the earth’s provision: ..

Symphony for Serenity

Jo Nuske posted 05-Jan-2014
Imagine, Meditate, Create What do you think about when cleaning your teeth in the morning? What the day is going to do or are you in the n..

Truth: Fighting the Good Fight

Jo Nuske posted 09-Jun-2013
Have the predictions of post 2012 come true? Written on 9 June 2013, I think this has some validity! Personal challenges of truth are ev..

Truth about Cinderella Part 2

Jo Nuske posted 03-May-2013
Cinderellas Fairy God Mother, the true role of the Beauty Industry. While we often decry the debauchery of the beauty industry, we may fin..

The Truth about Cinderella Part 1

Jo Nuske posted 03-May-2013
The Truth about Cinderella The Cellar was cold and damp. The small thatch of straw that the young woman used for bedding did nothing to soften the ro..

"Be-a-ware" our Dark Side: The Real Message

Jo Nuske posted 29-Mar-2013
What is this image really about? This was an amazing man who taught peace, love and healing,not with the threat of a gunbut simply through the po..

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