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Unofficially voted by the public as being THE PEOPLES PSYCHIC CHOICE!

Sharna is a genuine 'Evidential and Channelling Medium', a 'Voice Escort' between two worlds, which means she channels all messages directly from Spirit.

She sees and hears those on the otherside with her Physical eyes and ears and not intuitively.

She does NOT use any Psychic props such as Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls or birthdates etc. These Psychic divination tools only give a generalised content to your reading and are not of a higher vibration for Sharna to work with.

To use these props will only hold Sharna back from presenting to you, an accurate and intimate reading. Her accuracy is absolutely astounding and even future time frames are accurate.

Sharna will read your past (only if the past is affecting your now or will affect you in the future), present and future.

She will cover your health, finances, career, relationships and what ever else is needed for you to know. Please feel free to read all the feedback on her face book page.

Sharna is a professional reader with the International Australian Psychics Association.

She has been tested, scrutinised and raked over the coals for her ethics, morals and accuracy before becoming a professional member. Sharna conducts her Channelled readings all over the world, abundantly Europe and the USA and is very well known overseas.

Her readings are nothing less than amazing and outstanding!!



Salisbury Park SA AU

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Lyn on Mon, 1 Aug 2016

My family and friends have been seeing this amazing medium for years now and she never disappoints. She tells you who she is connecting with on the other side and how they past away. The conversations are amazing and very personal. No one could know what she tells us, not even if I wanted to accuse her of researching my facebook or twitter accounts. I highly encourage anyone to see her.

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