2019-07-15 - Learn to Read the Tarot on the Serene Spirit Event Calendar

Learn to Read the Tarot

Event dates and times

From : Mon, 15 Jul 2019 06:30 PM

To :Mon, 19 Aug 2019 08:30 PM

Learn to Read the Tarot &

Develop Your Psychic Abilities

The Program : 6 weeks/ 7 sessions

  • The Origins of the Tarot & the historical Impact on its meanings
  • How to choose your pack
  • How to cleanse, charge and Activate your pack
  • The Role of the Major Arcana Cards
  • The Stories of the Minor Arcana
  • How to create & choose a Spread
  • How to tell the story: putting the cards together
  • How to create your sacred space
  • How to read them for yourself
  • How to do a Reading for another person
  • How to combine cards from different packs
  • A psychic development evening of divination and meditation
  • Supper/ snacks Included


Southgate Plaza, Crn Serriffs Road and Hillier Street, Morphett Vale

Jo Nuske created 12-Jul-2019

Jo Nuske


Save 15/07/2019 09:00 AM 19/08/2019 11:00 AM Australia/Adelaide Learn to Read the Tarot A 6 week, 7 session hands on course to learn to read the tarot cards, honouring the original Rider Waite philosophies.. More details www.serenespirit.me/events/2019-07-15-learn-to-read-the-tarot Southgate Plaza Cnr Sherriffs Rd and Hillier Street Morphett Vale SA 5162 AUSTRALIA Jo Nuske jonuske@serenespirit.com.au false MM/DD/YYYY serene-spirit-event