A Prayer for Personal Power

A Prayer for Personal Power

Jo Nuske posted 17 Sep 2009

The Light and Shadow sides of Ourselves Yin Yang small

The challenges of everyday life can see us being loving, caring and nurturing people : our light side .

 We also experience frustration, impatience, anger, being critical and negative as life throws us challenges at many levels.  This is our shadow side and it can be difficult to accept this part of ourselves. 

 However, we need our shadow selves to help us discern who we are and how we relate to the world.  Self-Acceptance is the key.
Yin : the feminine side of all of us gives us our intuition and nurturing: our connection to the spiritual side of ourselves.Yang : the Masculine energy that gives us the drive to create in this world : the power to get up and DO!
In our struggles to find both, it can feel like being on a roller-coaster or feeling the extremes of a pendulum.  It is BALANCE that uses both sides to great advantage.

This is a prayer of Commitment to bring personal power into balance.

Stand under the night sky, the day sky, a place of height, peace and power by yourself.   Stand alone before the universe and say this prayer with full understanding of what your own personal power means to you.


I do not hide, I will not shy
From the Power that lives within
I stand in pride, I stand in awe
Of the being that I am
The Yin and Yang, of equal strength
That lives within my soul
That power of man and woman ,both
Will help me reach my goals
My shadow is my greatest friend,
For it does teach me light
And from that light, I learn to love
All aspects of my life

Come forth the God of strength and will
And teach me how to fight
Please guide my steps on my path in life
And grant the power of might
Come forth the goddess of my life
And balance the power of might
In love and peace and justice ,too
Please teach me what is right

For I am wom’n (or Man) : one half of two
Both parts of me are here
In wholeness, love, integrity
I see the picture clear
I walk in life, 2 halves of one
In pride and strength and love
The shadow and the light combined
Give me the power of….
The will to make my life a test
Love all that I can be
To accept myself for who I am
And set my spirit free

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