Are soul-mate/twin flame partnerships sexual?

Are soul-mate/twin flame partnerships sexual?

Jo Nuske posted 30 Apr 2011

Absolutely Yes, yes, yes. 

Why is a soul mate partnership sexual?

To qualify soul-mate / twin-flame. This is the other part of your soul : the other half, the reflection, the mirror. This is the mate, the twin..................not the friend, the family or compatriot.

The perceptions of those who tell you sex is not necessary in a truly soul-mate relationship is that they see sex as an emotional expression of a physical satisfaction : the sexual consummation of two soul-partners is a physical expression of a spiritual experience. If you read Drunvalo  Melchizedek’ s second “Flower of Life” book, he describes a sacred ritual where his partner becomes the conduit of healing energy to the earth. He describes in great detail her amazing, joyful and multi- orgasmic experience as an expression of the the spiritual channel.


When you do reach the very highest level of connection; when the life energy of kundalini  flows freely through the pranic tube around the spinal column from spirit to base : the expression of that energy looks for release (otherwise we have blocks that create illness.) . The expression is sexual : it is said that when we reach orgasm we touch God. Did you know that for a brief micro second our hearts actually stop?

I can tell you from personal experience that there is nothing more destructive that having a spiritual connection so encompassing that you feel as though you are everything and that everything is you and NOT having a soul-mate partnership to share that with: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The pain of carrying that energy without joyful expression is like being gutted and the ultimate response is hysterical crying or laughing. I kid you not!

Not "sex": Spiritual Love in the Physical

To try and express that feeling with just another body simply doesn’t work : there is not enough level of understanding    ( it is literally like an eagle trying to make love to a frog) and this is why soul-mate partnerships have become so important. There is a lot of comment about the quality of unconditional love and its feelings of being in a higher space or place.  “Unconditional love” perceptions have become a little sky-bound : that it can only be experienced through an “out-of body” experience.

Embrace, not deny

Religions around the world have been teaching humans that we should be celibate, release the needs of our bodies, deny the physical, be able to go without food, and love everyone in order to connect to the higher planes of existence. The question of sex is still being touted as something “not clean”, not necessary and not soul-food and I find it difficult to reconcile that attitude with today’s spirituality.  Isn’t this just the attitude that has kept humanity back for thousands of years: that we are intrinsically evil by virtue of our capacity for joy in the physical?

Spiritual Birth

As in all life for a new seed to be fertilized, to grow to become……..a male and female element needs to be present. Spiritual Rebirth by definition is a sexual union: we bring heaven down to earth : it is mother earth who is receiving that wonderful power through our lower chakras. When a sexual orgasm is experienced between two soul-connected people the energy release is Birth: it is action and it is time!

The earth calls, life calls, spirit calls and soul-mates and twin flames are looking to answer that call. Is this confusing for so many people who are suddenly gravitating towards another?  Oh Yes!

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