Attract Your SoulMate: A Wiccan Ritual

Attract Your SoulMate: A Wiccan Ritual

Jo Nuske posted 10 Feb 2011


Who is your Soul Mate?


Here is a simple ritual to bring your soul partner or love into your life.

1.   On the night of a full moon, get an orange, apple or round piece of fruit you relate to.

2.   Have a candle : pink for love or white for spirit : your choice.

3.   If you can : be at the beach or at a body of water that will eventually connect to the sea.

4.   As the sun sets speak to it : ( Father sun is masculine energy : the power to manifest what we need : is also the symbol of spiritual and self-aware illumination)

Great sun, father to the earth and protector of  my  life, as your face sinks over the horizon please carry my alone-ness with you,  that I may be granted the peace and confidence to accept into my life the love that I deserve.

(Say this slowly, with intent and meaning, understanding what that alone-ness has meant to you.)

5.    Sit on the beach/bank ,  Light your candle and think about what it would mean to have a partner, companion, friend and lover in your life. Sit quietly and think about the QUALITIES  you are looking for in your soul mate : what are important to you.   Write them down as if that person is already in your life : She is loving and considerate / He is a good listener and supports me in those things that are important to me..etc

6.    Place these energies as you think of them into the piece of fruit. Handle it lovingly as though it is your soul mate.

7.   Wait until the full moon is up clearly in the sky then move down to the edge of the sea or body of water

8.   When the moon is hovering clearly in the sky, speak to Grandmother Moon (is the feminine energy of wisdom, far-seeing and goddess energy.  She controls the tides of the earth, and  the yin energy of emotion : water/heart/love).

Grandmother Moon , Shine your light upon my being to bring my love into my life.   Send me...................(and read out your list of requirements of the person you wish to bring into your life) This I ask for the growth and light we will bring to each other for love, light and happiness.

9. Then take the piece of fruit you have that is filled with the qualities of the loving partner you want to bring in, looking at the the water and speak to it:

Great power of water, the goddess of emotion and love , who guides the tides of my experience, you understand that all lands and people are connected through your flow of life.......I send this gift out to you with a message of love and unity that you may find my love for me.   Send him/her to me that we may share the heights of who we are and can become,  as a loving couple.

10.  Throw the piece of fruit as hard and as far as you can into the sea or water, knowing that you have sent the message, Say

"Blessed Be, Blessed Be,  Blessed be : So Mote it Be" ( It is done)

Note : It is the intent that creates the spell : the words are not as important.  Substitute your own words that fully express your heart if you wish. Watch for  a sign that your wish has been received.

If your fruit comes straight back to you, the time is not right or the intent was not strong enough: do you have doubts about your wish?


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