Canola Oil is NOT a Natural OIl

Canola Oil is NOT a Natural OIl

Jo Nuske posted 23 Jan 2012


Natural-OilsCorn oil comes from corn: sunflower oil from sunflowers, sesame oil from sesame seeds, peanut oil from peanuts, olive oil from olives, 

Canola oil from...”Canolas???What is a Canola??? And why is the word "Canola" capitalized?

Canola is an engineered plant developed in Canada. The oil is derived from the rapeseed plant (an excellent insect repellent, by the way.) The rapeseed is a member of the mustard family. Rapeseed oil has been used extensively in many parts of the world, namely India, Japan, and China. Before the rapeseed was genetically engineered, about two-thirds of the monounsaturated fatty acids were erucic acid.          

Erucic acid was associated with Keshan's disease, a condition which is characterized by fibrous lesions of the heart. In the late 1970s, Canadian plant breeders were able to create a variety of rapeseed which produced a monounsaturated oil which was much lower in erucic acid. This "new" oil was originally called LEAR oil (Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed.) Neither titles …."RAPE" nor "LEAR" created an appealing image for the product: hence, the word Canola was invented...(an abbreviation of "Canada" and "oil.")

Canola oil and canola-based products have been at the centre of controversy for quite a few years. While some say that it helps to lower cholesterol levels, it actually has a few nasty side-effects as well (note: Only animal studies have been done regarding the toxic effects that it has on living organisms). Despite no human studies being done, this product was placed on the GRAS (USA-Generally Regarded As Safe) list. 

It is in fact a by-product of a highly toxic insecticide product.

As previously mentioned, the real name for Canola oil is LEAR, or Low Erucic Acid Rape, as it has been extracted from Rapeseed oil. This oil is in fact an industrial oil product which has no place whatsoever in our bodies. In light industry, it is also referred to as penetrating oil. Rapeseed oil is also the source for Mustard Gas, which was used as a chemical warfare agent, and was banned after Word War 1 for causing severe blistering of the lungs and skin.

Canola is in fact GM, a Genetically Modified 
food which has been classified as a bio pesticide by the USA EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Like mercury and fluoride, Canola is also not eliminated from the body. It is found in almost all fast foods, convenience foods, chocolate, candies, bread, potato chips, baby foods and formulas, most peanut butters and cookies, frozen French fries, rye breads, chocolate syrups, mayonnaise, granola bars, some vegetarian convenience foods, lunch meats, margarines, movie house snacks, tortillas and most other bakery foods.

Studies done on rats and other lab animals showed that after consuming canola oil, there were fatty deposits that accumulated on their hearts, thyroids, adrenal glands and kidneys. When they stopped consuming this oil, the fatty deposits disappeared, but unfortunately scar tissue remained on the affected organs.

Because it is high in glycosides, 
canola oil has been shown to inhibit enzyme function. Its effects are known to be accumulative, resulting in side-effects taking years to show up. It is also able to inhibit the metabolism of foods. Being a trans-fatty acid, it is also possible that this man-made oil has a direct link to causing cancer (even from just breathing in the toxic fumes created when frying foods in it).

Rapeseed oil is an acetyl cholinesterase inhibitor. This compound is crucial when it comes to transmitting signals from the nerves to the muscles. This is possibly why there has been a dramatic increase in cases of multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy over the past few years. Other side-effects which have been reported include respiratory illnesses, loss of vision, constipation, anaemia, heart disease, irritability and low birth weight in infants. It is known to severely deplete Vitamin E levels in the body, as well as cause severe clotting of red blood cells, which can pose a very serious 
health risk.

The best way to avoid consuming this toxic industrial by-product is to prepare meals yourself from scratch with nutritious fresh foods from Nature’s Garden, stay away from the factory produced/processed toxic laden (dead) foods on supermarket shelves, and especially avoid fast foods at all costs. And if you use oil for cooking and salads etc., DO NOT USE CANOLA OIL - use the wonderful cold-pressed Olive Oil – it’s the best.

The only way to prove either hype or hoax about Canola Oil - is to do more intense human studies evaluating the safety of this mass-produced and voluminously consumed human-engineered oil. Albeit the USA FDA (Food and Drug Administration) claims that genetically altered/engineered foods are perfectly safe….they made this same claim with Thalidomide and Vioxx, and we won’t speak of the human health horrors derived from using those medicinal drugs.

At least the USA FDA has taken a stance to protect babies from the unknown risks of being fed Canola oil. The FDA prohibits Canola oil from being used in infant formula. Shouldn't we be told more….why?


Confound it !! – I’ve discovered that Canola Oil is used in the Burgen Rye Bread I like – now I’ll need to go back to the drawing board (so to speak) and flush out an acceptably healthy alternative.

One almost needs to have the combination of a ferret, a fox, and a bulldog in one’s ancestry – to dig out information on the “deadly” additives THEY are placing in foods (???) these days. In the quest to “make money” – they are “killing us” with their attractive, tasty, long shelf-life factory produced foods in the supermarkets.

Any such factory produced foods on the supermarket shelves…. with a label stating INGREDIENTS you need to look at very closely – with a view to placing it back on the shelf due to its toxic contents.


Isn’t it great that the wonderful FRESH foods from Nature’s Garden – do not require such labelling !!


No doubt the medical profession (sorry – sickness industry) is also making big money out of the masses being loaded with nutritionally deficient (dead) foods -  resultantly causing health problems….which THEY then treat with medicinal drugs….thereby also filling the bank accounts with $billions for Big Pharma.


I wonder whether we will ever see the day when there will be obligatory subjects on nutrition, healthcare and lifestyle effects within school/educational curriculum?? We only need properly educate one generation of children on these vital subjects – and we will engender an enormously favourable change in human health for the rest of time.

        Good health is not an entitlement – it is derived from the way you choose to live.

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