Chariot Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Chariot Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 15 Feb 2017

7. Chariot: Victory in Movement

Two horses, black and white, yin and yang are galloping through the universe in power in equal balance. Strong hands of power are holding the reins in control of the horses direction, indicating we are the masters of our destiny and direction.  The flowers, again as symbols of the male yang, the charger, are tempered by the female yin of being aware and acknowledging caution. The sword in the centre is one of being the warrior: knowing the right way to fight for your rights. This is also the element of thought, consieration and justice.

This is the card of victory and of being in charge of the direction of your own life. In any endeavour, both yin and yang energies are needed to see the road ahead clearly, to be fearless yet aware: to having the feeling of “right”. There is joy in the race as the horses embrace the feeling of freedom to run.

In a Reading

The Chariot is about moving, charging forward in the right of clear purpose. The is the card of the project. Go for it. If you have questions as to whether you will win and the surrounding cards support it, you will. This is about you being in charge of your own "army" and being the leader. Out in front, it is time for you to take the lead.

The Challenges of the Chariot

Be aware of the balance between charging forward and crashing your way. If the male energy of progress and work is too strong, the horses will pull in the wrong direction as is in reverse. Know that you are working with and within universal power: not just your own.


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