Charting your Path with Numerology 1

Charting your Path with Numerology 1

Jo Nuske posted 22 Sep 2009

Number 1:

The first year that sets the tone and path of a nine year cycle.
 Not necessarily creating or “doing” the path but a year of exploration and discovery.  The “one” brings the promise of new beginnings, new energy, ideas and path.  It often carries the feelings of independence; going it alone, feelings of ambition and wanting to start again. A high energy year full of the excitement of new beginnings.  Keep your eyes open,  for new opportunities are all around you: you are primed to see and invent them.

Challenges of The One Energy

We look for a new way in a one year and as a result, it can feel quite chaotic.  There may be many new starts in a one year, in an attempt to find the right one.  It is a difficult year to actually achieve anything because we can change our minds a lot depending on the new ideas that emerge.

Relationships : With the feelings of independence and wanting to be by ourselves it can be a challenging  year for relationships.  Be aware that you can appear to be detached, aloof or selfish in your drive to discover your own path.


House Number :

 A great number for all new beginnings particularly if you live alone.  However, remember that each person living there is feeling the same energy of independence: the “me” syndrome, so it can create a group of independent people doing their own thing.   Someone who needs that feeling of sharing and togetherness can be quite unhappy in this house : alternatively an independent free-thinker who loves creating by themselves will love it.

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