Charting your Path with Numerology 3

Charting your Path with Numerology 3

Jo Nuske posted 25 Sep 2009

Numerology : Number 3

The number of communication, gatherings and fun.

Working together to achieve a common goal : the team spirit, co-operation and achievement reached not as an individual but as part of a project. This is also a social year, being with friends, and enjoying the company of others in a fun atmosphere.

This is a year where all forms of communication become an issue : between colleagues, friends and family through differing mediums : personal, written,  electronic and entertainment media.  It can be wonderful year for the writer to get that story on paper, the musician to create the song with a message or the film-maker to launch a profound movie.   It can feel like we are constantly on the phone, email or chatting.

Self-appearance can also be a focus, so the need for a new look, joining the gym or changing the diet can become an impulse not to be ignored. A year to begin to turn dreams into reality.


Because there is a feeling of fun around this year, over-indulgence is a risk : too many late nights, partying and the desire to ignore the responsibilities of life.  Scattered energies can predominate in this year with the temptation to jump from one thing to another without seeing through to the result.

If there is a possible chance of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time this is the year to do it!

A desire for that perfect outside shell can become obsessive.

Awareness of the positive and negative aspects of this 3 year can make it a rich and rewarding experience, with Temperance

House Number 3

A Number 3 House has a certain air about it : a slight sense of self-importance.  It is a house that encourages social entertaining within its walls, fun, creativity and social gatherings.

A 3 house likes to be neat and kept in good repair, with a touch of the “pazzaz” about it.  It can be hard to focus on the mundane when living in a 3 house as the energies can be scattered and impulsive.  It is not a good house for people trying to build good financial foundations as money can be spent recklessly.

It is a great home for retiring in or at a time when fun is the key.

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