Charting Your Path with Numerology 5

Charting Your Path with Numerology 5

Jo Nuske posted 06 Oct 2009

Numerology : Number 5

Number 5 is the linking energy between the 1st 4 numbers of establishment to the last 4 numbers of wisdom and completion in a 9 cycle.  It is the time of change and can be quite chaotic.

The adage of the 5 is that anything can happen, and usually does in the most unexpected ways.  The systems in place, structures of a relationship, work or home environment that are not quite right can be effectively transformed in this time.

Adventure can be the fun of the 5 year, month or day : simply because you don’t know what is going to happen next. With adventure comes excitement if you move with the flow of the 5.


The 5 can be chaotic. Because it is a time for flux and change it is difficult to get anything to stand still long enough to work on.  Interruptions, people changing their minds and general instability can make us feel like we are on merry-go- round.  There is a temptation to try and maintain control over the energies of the 5, if you are someone who likes or needs order and structure. Frustration, tension and anger could be the result of holding on too tightly. This is a great time to learn to relax and allow things to take their course.

House Number 5

Unexpected visitors, unexpected mess and disorganization, a constant flow of people through your doors,  life ever changing is the energies that the occupants of a number 5  house can feel.   This can be positive or negative depending on the individuals’ intrinsic energies.  For very structured and precise people this can balance the potential for stagnation but frustrate them at the same time.  For people that love their lives to be ruled on a whim, it can be an exciting and creative place.

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