Charting Your Path with Numerology 6

Charting Your Path with Numerology 6

Jo Nuske posted 06 Oct 2009

Numerology : Number 6

The time that highlights all personal relationships, whether this be with a spouse, partner, children, parents, extended family or friendships.

It can be carry mixed blessings. A wonderful period for meeting that special person in your life, getting married, having a baby or forming and solidifying friends and acquaintances,   The 6 can also impact on the personal feelings or work associations : the personality traits of the people around you.  It is a “feeling” time.  Gatherings of family and friend can promote unity.   We are more likely to focus on our personal relationships in the 6 rather than business or work.   It is also a great time to renovate or re-decorate the house.


Dysfunctional relationships will come to the fore during a 6 year, month or day. Any challenges we have with that family member or friend will rear its ugly head, giving us the opportunity to fix, change or delete the situation.  Time and focus in these aspects can make work seem less important, or simply harder to knuckle down into the business of money and career.

Things we don’t like about our house can create frustration particularly if we don’t have the ability to change it.

House Number 6

A wonderful house to create close family relationships, fun with family or the gathering of friends.  It is warmer than the 3 house for social events: the 3 having a sense of “self-importance” and “keeping up with the Jones’s”.    The Number 6 house loves to be loved and looked after : ignore it at your peril : you will be unhappy.

Harmony is the key of making the 6 a happy home : BUT it will also promote the feelings of needing to fix those conflicts that arise through personality clashes.  Not a good house to build a business in because family and friends will come first.

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