Clothes Maketh the Mood

Clothes Maketh the Mood

Jo Nuske posted 13 Jun 2016

As I stumble outside in the freezing cold in the morning, my clothing article of choice is my big furry, thick and warm dressing gown.  I call it my "Bear-coat" because it is brown and bulky and luxuriously soft. I have to admit the blue floral Crosby slippers ( bought because the soles are water proof) are not particularly complementary to the ensemble but what the hell..........who's going to see me?

By the time I have been hit by some literary inspiration and spent a couple of hours in front of the computer, I feel like some kind of slob, not because I have been inactive but because I am still in my "jammies."

There is something to be said about taking the time to get up, get dressed, get some make-up on and do the hair. The feeling is "Action!" just like a film-director's "start the scene" board. And then there is the decision to wear the old jeans and top, just for the sake of being dressed.......... or to make every day a colour and fashion adventure.

So .........Red for action, power, leadership
              Orange for Power with fun  but make sure  the shade compliments the complexion
                              (BTW : A study showed that men react well sensually to Apricot)
              Yellow for happiness and a sunny disposition
              Green for that earthy, healthy connection with the world
               Blue for looking secure and safe, peaceful and balanced
               Purple to stand in the crowd : the colour of Royalty

However wearing every colour of the rainbow all at once and all over is not a good plan: while we could certainly be noticed it is more likely to inspire a strong need to squint.

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