Do we die, or Kill Ourselves?

Do we die, or Kill Ourselves?

Jo Nuske posted 23 Oct 2009

The Law of Attraction : Quantum Physics






If we truly do not exist except by our own preconception of ourselves and our bodies are an extension of that then death is manifested by our own perceptions of how long weEXPECT to live : thus we create the disease or decimation of our bodies to fit within that time-line.   Our life expectancy is not determined by the 3 dimensional idea of the “natural deterioration “of our bodies but by how long weexpect our bodies to last.

This is the precept of the metaphysical theories of “The Law of Attraction” as pronounced by the movies “The Secret” and “What the Bleep do we Know?”.

We are told that our bodies will die, we will age, we will become decrepit if we don’t eat the right food, exercise for 1 hour a day , drink too much coffee, drink milk, smoke, eat junk food, get fat, get skinny…………….etc, etc, etc .  There is risk of cancer, heart disease, Swine flu, blindness, injury……….all of the thousands of unexpected events that insurance companies, vitamin producers and the cosmetic manufacturers advertise and sell to help us escape death and ugliness.   So, we become our bodies: we mirror our outer world through our bodies.

This very focus on escape means that our imminent deaths and deterioration becomes a daily focus.  And thus we attract it.


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