Does Sacred Space have to be Pretty?

Does Sacred Space have to be Pretty?

JAQ_ee posted 24 Jul 2016

I wrote this  while doing a women's retreat; after spending a fortune on candles, the setting, the food and all the trapping of a beautiful space , we were running low on funds. Heaven forbid the realities of economics should intrude into  sacred space - but they will, and they do!

On realising that we still needed 200 tissue boxes to dry the eyes of inevitably affected participants , my gorgeous friend went and did the smart thing  - she bought 200  "Black and Gold"  boxes of very practical snot catchers.    

But the resulting hue and cry shocked me - other organisers   were AGHAST - HOW could she have intruded onto this beautiful space with such mundane (and  imperfect)  black and yellow boxes?  

Just thought I would share :)

"It's not about the tissue boxes"

Sacred space exists in every moment, in every thought with intent to stretch towards something greater, something both more and less tangible than 'real life'. It is a place which can not really be created, because creation infers that it's existence was at some point in question.  Rather it is uncovered - it is FOUND - like a true craftsman discovers the pre-existing form within a piece of driftwood. It can be uncovered in any moment, in any place, by pure intent.

It's definition and it's form is interpreted by our innate - and individual - idea of beauty and perfection, and as such the resulting form varies greatly in expression. Every variation, springing from our intent, is made perfect and beautiful by the reverence with which is it uncovered. And just as the resulting form may differ - in perfect revelation of our individual perception - so will the manner in which we revere and honour it. 

Sacred Space can not be owned, controlled or rendered quantifiable. It is not static or immutable. It can not be coveted or misshapen by expection or judgement, and is not lessened by the realities of  life lived in a relative Universe.  Sacred Space is without the need for validation of approval. It simply is, and the truth of it's existence is evident in the hearts of those that sit within it; not mute bystanders, but by their very presence creating, holding and deepening it with their own creative essence and flavour.

The essential architect is INTENT, the furnishing and the decorations, LOVE. 

All else is relative. Get over it. 


On a lighter note -  I should point out that the  women I worked with worked tirelessly to present an ultimately fabulous  weekend. These little challenges are great for personal definition and relationship building!

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