Doing the Tarot Reading and the Major Arcana Spread

Doing the Tarot Reading and the Major Arcana Spread

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Then there is actually doing a reading....for yourself or for others. How to? How to create the sacred space and then using the Portal to the Stars Major Arcana spread. Yes there will be another video showing how to use the cards with your existing favourite pack and combining the two.

Don't just throw the cards without thought or intent. Remember, this is about energy, and the translation of that energy between your mind and the 3-dimensional tool of the Tarot. 

It still amazes me how, even with subsequent spreads to a single day or event, the same cards present themselves.


     1.  Take the time

     2.   Breathe

     3.   Focus

     4.   Surrender your agenda to the higher or subconcious knowledge. Allow truth rather than fears or hopes

     5.   Decide on the spread of your choice, depending on the question: the universe needs a plan

     6.   When you see the cards, ask your inner knowing what they mean.

     7.   Trust


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