Empress Tarot Card Portal to the Stars Deck

Empress Tarot Card Portal to the Stars Deck

Jo Nuske posted 13 Feb 2017

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3. Empress : Birth, Motherhood, Planting of seeds

The Empress is depicted in this painting as a seed pod. The outer walls of the seed are strong, providing protection for the life within.  The life within represents the swirling mass of a nova, a new planet yet to be formed. The mountains are lush with the promise of good fertility and the flowing water is the nurturer and emotion that a mother brings to a child. The flowers attached to the seed have both the shapes of the male bud and the female, reaching to the heaven to receive the energy of the universe.

The Empress in a Reading

The empress is the symbol of birth and motherhood:  of mother earth herself. In the story, the Magician has the ability to bring heaven, down to earth, then the High Priestess (our spirit) helps us decide WHAT to focus on for our own path, then the Empress as the earth-based female icon of our lives helps us plant the first seeds toward ultimate fruition.

It can tell us that it is a time to plant the seed and that if we plant well and with consideration of all aspects of nurturing a project, it will grow into a rich strength. It can portent the arrival of a child. The Empress is also the protector and warrior of the weaker earth inhabitants, so it can indicate that you may choose to take on such a role. In this way, the Empress carries both yin and yang energy.

The Challenges of the Empress

Many of the challenges of the Major Arcana cards are about power and the mother can be the overbearing matriarch who holds the reins too strongly. It can also be the energy of the emotional blackmail that mums can use at times....: You know..." I spent 26 hours in labour to give birth to you"......so There is "being the mother and then mothering and smothering."

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