Finding Peace in the NOW!

Finding Peace in the NOW!

Jo Nuske posted 04 Aug 2010

Embrace the Void :

A Workshop to understand what it means to exist in the present moment : that the past contains the memories of successes, fears, disappointmentnts and has moulded us into the personalities of the present.  That the future is the realm of "What if? " and contains hopes, goals and worry if it does not happen.


Circular_gardenAll valid in our 3 dimensional existence for without the past we have nothing in which to judge our actions by, and without the future we would all be sitting on a mountain top,  contemplating our navels and nothing would get done.


But.........when we forget to live in the present even for a short time we can spend our whole lives living in alternative time .......................... Why do we have car accidents? Think about the times we drive...........our minds love action so we drift into the thoughts of the crazy morning where nothing went right or we are planning our day creating various scenarios of what might happen : the flavour of the prospective day can often be determined by the morning we have had.  So we are deep in thought and driving on "automatic" when bang, an unexpected occurrence jerks us into NOW and we have no time to react!

The attending reaction is "I can't believe this ; how did this happen?" It is because we were not taking full notice of the NOW! Is it easy being fully conscious in the now? Yes and No! It is easy but takes practice because we have to re-write the way we behave and breaking old habits is harder than creating new ones.

So what is the Void? It is a place so big that it is like existing in space : where there is nothing : no sound, no solidness, no light. It is being as weightless as floating in space.  It is a place wiAbstract_spacethout time………………it is a place of waiting. And yet “The Void”  is also the opposite: it contains EVERYTHING” All sound, light, knowledge and encompasses the past present and future……………………….The Void is in Totality : the NOW!.

And the void exists between every cell of the body, between one heart-beat and the next, between the notes of music : and in that In-between ALL things are possible!

At a workshop just experienced we learned that 
  • we could be people sharing a space and a place and be completely with ourselves:
  • that within this space of inner acceptance there is no judgment of self or another:
  • that within each moment there is the experience of feeling, not mind or thought : 
  • That without the mind’s psycho-babble fear cannot exist because the future does not exist
  • Mistakes are acceptable because action has come from the heart
  •  Perfection is in the moment regardless of the manner of that moment
As a teacher I learned
  • That every person’s journey is THEIRS to experience in the complete rightness of their journey
  •  I cannot give someone the experience of the Void : of being : they have to find it for themselves
  •  That providing a space for another to allow themselves to be exactly who they are is the greatest gift I can offer anyone : and this applies to us all.

 Find the moment, enjoy the peace and revel in the complete experience of being just as you are!

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