Introducing the Portal to the Stars Major Arcana Deck

Introducing the Portal to the Stars Major Arcana Deck

Jo Nuske posted 08 Feb 2017

Designed and painted by Jo of Serene Spirit over 8 months, these cards are now available to buy......

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The Portal to the stars pack has been designed to be used by itself or with your favourite pack to strengthen and clarify your favourite reading spread. The landscape aspect of the cards allows them to be used as a “spiritual or karmic baseline” to a specific question and to reinforce the meanings of the major arcana in your existing pack.  For spread options visit……

Overview of the cards symbols

The Major Arcana tells a story: the transitional path of a soul on a journey from beginnings ( the Fool) to the culmination of a particular lesson: ( the World). Each card represents a point along the way which indicates a time-line. Where are we on the time-line of our own life’s story? They also tell of aspects we need to take notice of to reach ultimate wisdom and mastery. The Major Arcana is about our higher-self transformations: that which make our earthly lives more balanced in serenity, purpose and achievement in joy. .


Flowers have been stylised to represent energy and to remove the emphasis of stereotyped people.  In the original tarot pack, there has been a focus on Christian and Egyptian symbolism and the roles of people therein: the Pope, the High Priestess, the Magician, the Empress etc. By substituting these into flower shapes and colours we can discard gender specifics and create yin and yang identifiers: the softness and creativity of the feminine and the force required of the masculine to bring that creativity into our reality. The feminine and the masculine become partners of equal value in the path of life, while acknowledging their differences.  As we know we all carry both energies.   Note that in many of the paintings, the masculine flower energy is depicted with the phallus shape, while the feminine is cup-shaped as the receiver of the seed, as nature designed. In the lovers card, for example, the colours have been reverse-mirrored to indicate a perfect match in complement.

The planets.  
We have gone beyond the depictions of a specific deity  to embrace the concept of universe: that there is no “human-shaped” God or Goddess, but that Earth and her inhabitants are non-denominational beings in a vast pattern of planetary connection.  However, in each the Earth is depicted as our grounded reality: the arena we have to deal with in the search for our answers.

The hands

We are the masters of our own destiny: through our work we create our lives.  Our hands are often the first tools of physical connection: touch that grounds us in relationships to the soil, plants, animals and people. Our hands are also the conduits of emotional energy in healing

Philosophy (from the artist and author)

While I have honoured the original teachings of the Rider Waite pack and the philosophies of the Golden Dawn, this pack has been embraced to reflect a more contemporary idea of our society in honour of the fact that we grow and transform in new knowledge of science and philosophy and our place in a larger universe. … spiritual learnings are meant to.

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