Judgement Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Judgement Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 19 Feb 2017

20. Judgement : Resurrection

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The Symbols and Meanings of the Judgement Card

Have you ever listened to a piece of music that seems to lift your heart and soul to the heights of joy? This is the message of Judgment. when we listen to the music of the universe, it sings of the hope and transformations that are possible when we let go of what we no longer need in our lives.

The graves below are the resting places of past lives, lost loves and outdated values. The symbol of the hollowed out cup is depicted as if it were two arms are reaching to the power of space ready to be filled with the glory of all we can imagine: a land of prosperity peace and joy. This painting is a message to live above the mundane and to connect to your highest potential: to resurrect from an old life and into the new. It is also to remind us that our souls will again be reborn.

The Judgement in a Reading

Judgement is traditionally the card of a “final decision”. We have considered, argued, thought about and sought advise to find the ultimate solution. It is the statement “It is done, irrevocably without going back.” An aspect of life is finished, with the decision to begin again.

The Challenges of the Judgement

Not making a decision: knowing within yourself that a decision you have made is right for you at a soul level, then ignoring it or listening to bad advice from others.

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