Looking after Your Crystals

Looking after Your Crystals

Jo Nuske posted 12 Jun 2016

They Change as we work with Them

Firstly, I will tell you that this information comes from my personal experience with working with crystals and from the crystals themselves.  I realised that crystals are living entities when my first clear quartz crystal that I used for Shamanic work was growing and changing. While the outer structure remained the same the inner patterns, line and images transformed the more I worked with it.   Over the years I have seen black with white crystals become white with black and healing crystals that have been drained without recharging and cleansing shatter into almost dust-like particles.   The crystals that I worked with spasmodically had very few changes.

Crystals have personalities, purposes of their own and voices : yes they sing at times.........................

Specific crystals have a "type" of property ( healing, channeling, strength, grounding etc) which we will discover in subsequent blogs but within each, their specific purposes  differ.  Like all tools that we use with spiritual work,  we create a partnership, and a partnership becomes truly cohesive when we know and relate to each other.  So handle your crystals , really look at and within them from differnt perspectives, and allow yourself to get "lost" in the imgergy that they offer.   Every line and formation has a story to tell from the crystal's origin to its personality or heart (Diva) to its voice.   Then ASK your crystal to work with you: while you may have purchased it, you do not own it's soul.   Wait for agreement then work together to increase both of your power.

See the Crystal Therapy Chart onthis site: Crystal Therapy Chart

Cleansing and Clearing Your Crystals




Cleansing your crystals of the negative energies they absorb is vital. This can be done in clear running water of a natural stream, out in the rain or the in sea. However, salt water may damage the polish.  They can be smudged with burning white sage leaves or placed near a rock-salt lamp. 

Re-charging them honours the energy they give out and is best done under the light of a full moon. Just placing them outside will both cleanse and re-vitalise.  Citrone crystals will charge other crystals. Being the "sun_crystal" it also recharges itself.



Be Careful Who handles your Crystals

Working crystals should not be handled by "all and sundry" without permission: if you think of your crystals as an extension of yourself then choose the people who handle them.   Afterwards, reconnect at a personal level again.   This goes for other people's crystals, too.   It is not acceptable for you to just pick up someone else's crystal : ASK first and don't be offended if the person says "No".  The crystal is personal.


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