Online Dating for Spiritually Minded: How to Make it Work

Online Dating for Spiritually Minded: How to Make it Work

Caitlin posted 06 Nov 2018

To have a spiritual and conscious mind is enlightening, but at the same time, it can become difficult to find people with a similar mindset. This starts to almost seem like a challenge when you give online dating a try for the first time, but the good news is that it isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. Being a conscious soul, you will actually find it easier to make online dating work for you, as long as you have some insight on how to do so. To help guide yourself toward finding your soulmate on the internet, here are a few points to keep in mind.



Understand What Spirituality Means to You and Write About It

The definition of spirituality is not a rigid or a scientific one, so there are definitelydifferences between people’s understanding of the term. In order to make online dating or dating in general work for you, the very first step is to define what spirituality means to you. Once someone is able to understand and define what spirituality means to them, that person will automatically know what to look for in their partner’s core beliefs as well. Particularly in the case of online dating, this understanding of one’s own self would come in very handy, as it would allow you to make your sacred beliefs and expectations clear on the profile. Since a bio on an online dating site is pretty much how people form a first impression about someone’s personality and philosophies, this is a great opportunity to attract spiritually kindred people.


Do Not Close Yourself Off to Physical Intimacy

The relationship between love and lust is complex and harder to define than most people ever understand. Love is the spiritual connection that some of us are lucky enough to feel towards another, while lust is the physical attraction related to carnal desires of the body. While they are not one and the same, there is an eternal connection between the two and the connection between love and lust go in both directions. Therefore, do not close off yourself completely from physical intimacy and let your soul guide you on your mission to find love.


Look for Profiles that Reflect Some of Your Own Sacred Beliefs

Now, if you are truly conscious, then you already know that people can have different beliefs and still share enough common ideals to build something great together. Therefore, while looking through profiles, read if what they have written resonates with you on any level. It doesn’t have to be exactly what you believe in, but if both of you share some of the same philosophies regarding the body, mind, and soul, that person is probably worth exploring.


Trust Your Intuition

A lot of enlightened people across the world believe that intuition is how the higher mind or a higher power usually guides the conscious mind, therefore, trust it. Science defines intuition as a result of multiple secondary senses giving you signals that the conscious mind is not aware of. If someone strikes you as the right person instinctively, trust yourself enough to go on a date, but similarly, don’t ignore it when your heightened subconscious iswarning you against someone.


Take It Slow

Taking it slowly doesn’t mean you should intentionally delay that first date when you sense that there’s an obvious spark there, but it refers more to how fast you move through the phases of a relationship. Be patient, smart and work on a relationship growth and improvement as time goes by. However,  if a guy or a girl doesn’t appreciate you enough to stick around until things fall in place on their own, it probably means that he/she isn’t in it for the long haul. Now, as an individual, it is your choice, but most spiritual beliefs suggest that there is little point in wasting time in fruitless, short-term connections.


Online dating may not give you the opportunity to meet and sense your date’s aura right away, but it does give you access to their profiles. As mentioned earlier, do read their “about me” or bio to know a bit about them as written words can reveal a lot of things to the intelligent, spiritual mind. If you also pay attention to how people chat or talk online, you could gain a deeper understanding of how the online dating world works very soon.

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