Bees, White Sage, rescue and decisions. To Kill?

Jo Nuske posted 20-Oct-2016
The sound was deafening: dozens of bees inside my “spiritual room shed”. I stepped outside to see dozens more swarming / gathering around the brok..

Bonjour........Butter Please!

Jo Nuske posted 20-Jul-2010
Butter vs Margarine : The Truth French people are famous for their ideas of savouring the sensuousness of their food............swimming in the gl..

Canola Oil is NOT a Natural OIl

Jo Nuske posted 23-Jan-2012
Corn oil comes from corn: sunflower oil from sunflowers, sesame oil from sesame seeds, peanut oil from peanuts, olive oil from olives..

So you want to keep Chickens

Jo Nuske posted 03-Jan-2011
Starting a self-sufficient lifestyle with Chickens! The dream to live on the land and be self leave the cacophony an..

The Plant or the Pill?

Jo Nuske posted 24-Jul-2016
Nature knows what it is doing. We get into trouble when we bastardise "her" design. Our bodies are perfectly designed to ingest the ..

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