Emperor Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 14-Feb-2017
4. Emperor: Leadership The Symbols and their Meanings As the name Indicates, this is the card of the King. A lone eagle flies, carrying the crown ..

Emperor Tarot Card: Video Tutorial

Jo Nuske posted 05-Oct-2009
Emperor Tarot Card: Meanings and Pictorial Symbols (emperor-story-with-aloha-amp-nuit) Watch Emperor Story with Aloha and Nuit (emperor-story-wi..

Hierophant Story with Aloha & Nuit

Jo Nuske posted 07-Oct-2009
How the Major Arcana cards tell a story of a karmic life lesson Chapter 6 : Hierophant : Traditions and Study Next: Lovers Story with Aloha a..

Hierophant/High Priest Portal to the Stars Tarot Deck

Jo Nuske posted 14-Feb-2017
5. Hierophant or High Priest: Teacher, Scribe, Spiritual Leader Symbols and meanings of the Card A golden book is central to the theme, as the sym..

The Feminine Conciousness of the 21st Century

Jo Nuske posted 11-Jul-2011
An Article by Diane McCann The feminine is rising as we move through this century. The patriarchal ways of the past didn’t work and a new ti..

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