5 Destinations for Finding Serenity and a Stress-Free Life

Theodora posted 18-Jun-2019
The American Dream just isn’t what it used to be. Instead of financial freedom, millennials are part of the ‘renting forever’ generation. 70-hour ..

Chakra Power

Jo Nuske posted 23-May-2010
Energy Centres : The Chakras Within this article is a Printable Chart of Reference and a 45 Minute Meditation The Chakras are the energy ..

Changing Attitudes

Jo Nuske posted 20-May-2012
The “Kooky” people of spiritual awareness have been touting the benefits of meditation for millennia. Why is it such big news when the medic..

Divine Goddess

Jo Nuske posted 19-Apr-2010
Maiden. Mother and Crone : The Goddess Years At 52 years I will say that I am speaking from some experience and as is often the case us “oldies” ..

Enlightenment! What is it for?

Jo Nuske posted 10-May-2018
The search for enlightenment has been the catch phrase of spirituality for 10 years or more. What does everyone mean by enlightenment and why the ..

Hermit Story with Aloha & Nuit

Jo Nuske posted 14-Nov-2009
How the Major Arcana cards tell a story of a karmic life lesson Chapter 10 : Hermit : Solitude Next: Wheel of Fortune Story with Aloha and Nuit ..

Hidden, Enlightenment, Karma of 2012 Part 1

Jo Nuske posted 01-Nov-2012
A Poem At time’s beginning, birthed two great themes One from the light and the other unseen Illumination bright light of fire The oth..

Just a story: A Good Death.

Jo Nuske posted 24-Jul-2012
The loss of a loved one is the greatest pain we can experience. This is just a story to illuminate a "good death" in a small understanding o..

Meditation of Protection

Jo Nuske posted 26-Aug-2009
A Meditation to create your Safe Sacred Place ( Approx 22 Minutes ) When we are safe in our mind or can create a feeling of peace even amo..

Meditation: The "Shut up factor for the mind"

Jo Nuske posted 09-Jan-2017
Meditation : A quest for peace, knowledge and adventure. Meditation is the “shut up factor” to a mind that is determined to spend its time in the ..

Relaxation Meditation

Jo Nuske posted 28-Mar-2016
Float on the cloud of destiny and sink deeply into the relaxation of body, mind and spirit. This is a short meditation, designed to take abo..

Search for the Divine

Jo Nuske posted 22-Apr-2014
The Elements of Body, Mind and Spirit The body demands that it be nourished and maintained through the physical reality of the earth’s provision: ..

Shamanic Meditation : Shadow Animal

Jo Nuske posted 10-Jun-2016
A Meditation for Embracing and Accepting the Shadow side of Ourselves Meeting our Shadow animal helps us to und..

Spiritual Maintenance

Jo Nuske posted 02-Apr-2011
An Article by Brita Lee We all have to maintain our homes and cars. But what about you? Take some time each day to maintain your spiritual be..

Symphony for Serenity

Jo Nuske posted 05-Jan-2014
Imagine, Meditate, Create What do you think about when cleaning your teeth in the morning? What the day is going to do or are you in the n..

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