21 Card Tarot Spread. A Video of Learning

Jo Nuske posted 06-Jan-2011
There are many configurations of tarot cards to help find an answer. This spread of cards is great for finding a specific answer to a question or..

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Ignite Your Love Life

Donna posted 13-Nov-2018
Picture this: You meet a man (or woman) that causes your emotions to stir, they call it “the butterflies”. The exciting moment when you are physic..

Are soul-mate/twin flame partnerships sexual?

Jo Nuske posted 30-Apr-2011
Absolutely Yes, yes, yes. Why is a soul mate partnership sexual? To qualify soul-mate / twin-flame. This is the other part of your soul : the..

Attract Your SoulMate: A Wiccan Ritual

Jo Nuske posted 10-Feb-2011
Who is your Soul Mate? Here is a simple ritual to bring your soul partner or love into your life. 1. On the night of a full moon, get ..

Calla Lilly: A Symbol of Love Relationship

Jo Nuske posted 22-Aug-2016
The Calla Lilly is featured on the Morgan Greer Tarot Pack as a symbols of the Lovers. This is a short video about the flower meanings...

Christmas Giving Conundrums

Jo Nuske posted 11-Dec-2010
Christmas giving, as crazy as it may sound can sometimes contain elements of guilt! “ I am giving to this person, so I have to give the other ..

Devil Tarot Card Video Tutorial

Jo Nuske posted 10-Jan-2010
Devil Tarot Card Meanings and Pictorial Symbols (gatheringplace/devil-story-with-aloha-amp-nuit)Watch : Devil Story with Aloha and Nuit (gatheri..

Divine Goddess

Jo Nuske posted 19-Apr-2010
Maiden. Mother and Crone : The Goddess Years At 52 years I will say that I am speaking from some experience and as is often the case us “oldies” ..

Divine Man : God Energy

Jo Nuske posted 19-Apr-2010
Yang Power : The Divine in Man Traditionally the God image has illustrated a warrior who has the strength, power, cunning and fortitude to slay th..

Does Sacred Space have to be Pretty?

JAQ_ee posted 24-Jul-2016
I wrote this while doing a women's retreat; after spending a fortune on candles, the setting, the food and all the trapping of a beautiful space ..

Easter and the Spring / Autumn Equinox

Jo Nuske posted 02-Apr-2010
The original time of Easter : The Christian celebration of Death and Rebirth was linked to the Pagan acknowledgment of the Spring Equinox in the N..

How to take the Humbug out of Christmas

Jo Nuske posted 12-Dec-2018
The Humbug of Christmas comes from hurt. Have you ever been gifted with the generic chocolates (and been a diabetic) or nuts (that will bring on a..

Just gotta love the kids! Mum's Day

Jo Nuske posted 11-May-2012
Muuummmmmm!!!!!!!!! Could you get my lunch, wash my clothes, get them ready for my match on Saturday ...oh and take me there? Can, I have a par..

Lovers Story with Aloha & Nuit

Jo Nuske posted 07-Oct-2009
How the Major Arcana cards tell a story of a karmic life lesson Chapter 7 : Lovers : Important Choices Next: Chariot Story with Aloha and Nuit..

Lovers Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 14-Feb-2017
6 Lovers : Soul Mate, Choices The Symbols and Meanings Two flowers : the shapes symbolise the male and female shapes of the giver and the receiver..

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