A Prayer for Personal Power

Jo Nuske posted 17-Sep-2009
The Light and Shadow sides of Ourselves The challenges of everyday life can see us being loving, caring and nurturing people : our light side . ..

An Abundance Ritual for Financial Safety

Jo Nuske posted 12-Jun-2017
Abundance Ritual for Financial Safety As promised on the Serene Spirit Live Facebook chat on Sunday 11th June I am posting a couple of rituals to..

Archangels: Who to Call

Jo Nuske posted 14-May-2010
Archangels : The List is Enormous! Do they all Originate from the Bible? The realm of the Archangels has been one of light, love, power and ser..

Attract Your SoulMate: A Wiccan Ritual

Jo Nuske posted 10-Feb-2011
Who is your Soul Mate? Here is a simple ritual to bring your soul partner or love into your life. 1. On the night of a full moon, get ..

Chakra Power

Jo Nuske posted 23-May-2010
Energy Centres : The Chakras Within this article is a Printable Chart of Reference and a 45 Minute Meditation The Chakras are the energy ..

Changing the concept of the Altar and Sacrifice

Jo Nuske posted 06-Oct-2016
When we talk of altars, images of sacrificed animals and young women come immediately to mind. The Bible is full of stories about the rituals of ..

Doing the Tarot Reading and the Major Arcana Spread

No items found. posted 07-Mar-2017
Then there is actually doing a reading....for yourself or for others. How to? How to create the sacred space and then using the Portal to the Star..

Minor Arcana: The Threes

Jo Nuske posted 25-May-2010
Tarot Course by Video The Meanings of the Threes. The three cards deal with group dynamics. Permalink (http://www.serenespirit...

Shamanic Meditation : Shadow Animal

Jo Nuske posted 10-Jun-2016
A Meditation for Embracing and Accepting the Shadow side of Ourselves Meeting our Shadow animal helps us to und..

Shopping for a Soul-Mate

Jo Nuske posted 14-Aug-2016
One of the most common questions I get asked in a reading is “Where do I go to find him/her?” Bringing that special person into your life to lov..

Summer Solstice Ritual

Jo Nuske posted 20-Dec-2009
The Summer Solstice : The Longest Day of the Year 21 December in the Southern Hemisphere honours the power of the sun, the ability of fire to clea..

Sweat Lodge: Is it dangerous?

Jo Nuske posted 16-Oct-2009
The Sweat Lodge : Risks This news release appeared October 11 2009 on the 9 news website. US police are investigating to see if criminal charges c..

The Expected One : Book Review & YouTube Videos

Jo Nuske posted 28-Jan-2011
Kathleen McGowan offers much food for thought The story of The Expected One is a relatively simple adventure novel where the female character is r..

The New year Ritual

Jo Nuske posted 31-Dec-2011
Create Your Circle of Blessings An ancient power I call tonight A circle made in deosil’s right No beginning, no end is found The circ..

Using the Energy of the Full Moon

Jo Nuske posted 24-Jun-2017
The next full moon in Australia is the 9th July 2017. Serene Spirit and Rimons Beauty are combining skills and resources to bring you a"Pampe..

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