A Hathor Planetary Message of Conciousness

Jo Nuske posted 05-May-2011
Transition States of Consciousness through Tom Kenyon Definitions Chaotic Nodes are clusters of chaotic events. According to the Hathor..

A Question of Life Poem

Jo Nuske posted 03-Sep-2009
In love, in life, in war and strife No roads or rules be pre-ordained Mankind is but a beast, and chained To flesh and breath and mortal ..

Halloween Harpy's History in Poem

Jo Nuske posted 24-Oct-2016
The beginning is a fun poem you might say at the door of someone's house. Instead of an article full of dry information, I wrote a poem ..

Orbs of the Other Side with a Chart of Colours

Jo Nuske posted 03-Oct-2009
The Energy of those Passed Over are still Visible There is so much photographic evidence of spirit / ghosts that appear in photos, we thought we w..

The Waiting Room: Passing Over.

Jo Nuske posted 06-Sep-2009
What does the In-between Life and Death Place Look Like? I want to tell you a true story. My father had been gravely ill in hospital but was reco..

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