Cancer is a Fungus.

Jo Nuske posted 23-Jan-2012
Cancer is a fungus ... And it is preventable and curable !! The figures are alarming. Some eight million people die every year from..

NASA confirms 2012 Earth Changes

Jo Nuske posted 15-Nov-2010
Solar Storms to Affect Earth in 2012 A 1 minute news item late at night on television in October 2010 alerted Australians to the Space Storm..

Our Hearts Think: Why Love healing works

Jo Nuske posted 29-Jul-2016
Why Love Heals: Science The traditional approach of emotional healing through psychoanalysis of the mind-thought process is in question as we begi..

Psychic Mind Chapter 1 The Brain Construct

Jo Nuske posted 09-Nov-2011
What is Psychic Energy? I went on a journey to discover what I was in an academic world that told me that psychic energy does not exist. This ..

Psychic Mind Chapter 2 What makes us Different?

Jo Nuske posted 09-Nov-2011
Chemistry and Science can't really explain our responses. This video was created in response to Philosophy's edict that we can never really ..

The Psychic Mind Chapter 3 What is Psychic Energy?

Jo Nuske posted 09-Nov-2011
How can we explain Psychic Energy and that we are all intrinsically Psychic? This series of videos have been created in response to the acad..

The Psychic Mind Chapter 4 Sound Principles

Jo Nuske posted 10-Nov-2011
Could the influence of sound directly influence our very structure and the structure of Brain Neurons? These videos form a personal hypothes..

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