Shamanic Meditation : Shadow Animal

Shamanic Meditation : Shadow Animal

Jo Nuske posted 10 Jun 2016

A Meditation for Embracing and Accepting the Shadow side of Ourselves







Meeting our Shadow animal helps us to understand and accept the shadow or darker side of ourselves.  Anger, frustration, impatience, intolerance, fear and the feelings of being a victim are emotions that with acknowledgment can help us to become whole: that when we accept our imperfection we live in peace and balance. Our shadow side can teach us much.  This meditation is the first step in that journey.


Embrace power and non-power : the light and dark. In Shamanism we utilise the qualities and personalities of animals to walk the path of discovery and truth. We meet our shadow animal knowing that this is our shadow self. When you ask for your shadow animal to reveal itself to you, trust that your higher self already knows and ALLOW the meeting without judgement. 

Blessed Be.   



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