Shopping for a Soul-Mate

Shopping for a Soul-Mate

Jo Nuske posted 14 Aug 2016

One of the most common questions I get asked in a reading is “Where do I go to find him/her?”   Bringing that special person into your life to love, share and work with can seem like shopping in a huge department store that has so many sections that you don’t know where to start. 

Do we shop at cheap as chips or go to David Jones? Do we go to the lingerie department, technology and sound or to homewares? What if we would like aspects of all? Do we go on sale day when every man and woman is there looking for bargain or just go for broke and get what we want regardless of price on a more considered, quiet day? Do we plan or just wait for the serendipity of chance and hope that the stock is still available after the sale? Do we really want the item we have been shopping for? Then, while browsing do we find two items that we really like but have to choose one?

No wonder the search can become frustrating, tiring and despairing at times.

So here are some tips. 

Shop in a shop you like going to yourself.

You are more likely to attract and be attractive if you are having fun. If you have gone to a football match and hate watching sport, you might have to put up with it for the rest of your life and you’ll frustrate the hell out of your partner who has assumed you like it because you attended. So….do what you love to do and find someone with the first common interest. Immediately, you have something to share and talk about.

Be clear in your mind as to the product that you really want……avoid the whim purchase.

Don’t buy the latest kitchen appliance if you hate cooking….or a lawnmower if your lifestyle does not include a garden just because they look good or are on sale.  Neither appliance will cook or trim your lawns for you just because you own it.  Perhaps you bought those things because you love food, or appreciate neatness.  Embrace the qualities…..not the thing or person.  

Know Yourself

Attracting the right partner starts with your own intent.  You have to decide what makes you happy or what will truly fulfil your life. This is the big one. Is it to love or be loved? Is abundance and security a big house or a place of comfort and companionship?  Is shared laughter a priority and if so, what makes you chuckle?  Does your partner excite you sexually so that you just have to keep touching? Are interesting conversations important to you? Do you prefer quiet, curling up in front of the TV evenings? Do you feel complete or are you looking or someone to fix you?

Make the Universe your partner in your search

Surround yourself with symbols of love, togetherness and happiness. By placing pictures, crystals and symbols of soul-mate relationships into your living space it sends the message out to the universe that “I am ready.”

Balance your chakras, particularly the heart and sacral for love and sexuality to gain the power to create your dreams. Too much heart can be construed as needy..too much sacral is all sex without the emotion.

Do a ritual. ON THIS SITE: Attract Your Soul Mate

Let the universe send you the right person and then be open when it comes.

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