Soul Families

Soul Families

Jo Nuske posted 03 Jan 2011

We have all felt that sensation of meeting someone for the first time and yet feeling as though we have known them before or we meet someone who we instantly connect with.  It is likely that this person will have come from your soul family.


So what is a soul family?

Let's make a comparison. People who come from a particular culture in life hold similar values, speak the same language and are brought up in the same environment  that encompasses weather, altitude, food and belief systems : their identity as a native of that country. There is an intrinsic connection through familiar frequencies of attitude.

A soul group carries a particular frequency ( just like the levels of radio signals or sound waves.) In the world of quantum physics, like attracts like.......... meaning that there can be an instinctive "meeting of the minds, heart and body" to a perfect stranger : that feeling of being comfortable.  There is no friction, resistance or conflict.


Being born outside of your Soul Family

World history has and will always be changed by the individual who is out of step with those around him or her.   This is the person who does not blindly accept the precepts of their environment, but questions it.  This individual of "conflict" risks a lot : to be ostracised, destroyed or to open others' minds up to alternative ideas.

As above......So Below.  Yes we can choose to be born outside of our soul family...........outside of our normal frequency in order to learn or to teach.  This can be an incredibly lonely and confusing path for someone not aware of the purpose of NOT BELONGING.

To be born into a lower frequency soul family may be to help an entire group of souls to evolve but it is a huge undertaking : one to be net with patience, love and courage for to achieve this would carry the challenge of not being crushed along the way.   To be born into a higher frequency is for the individual evolution of your soul: that will be carried into the next life.

If your understanding is greater than those around you be patient in offering your wisdom.  If the people around you seem wiser, feel honoured that you have chosen to grow and learn

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