Star Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Star Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 16 Feb 2017

17. The Star : Gift of the Spirits

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The Symbols of the Card

A simple elegant flower with 3 heads honouring the sacred 3 in mysticism or the trinity: e.g. father, son and holy ghost, maiden, mother and crone, Mind, Body, Spirit or the three spirals of the Celtic Triskel(If you want to know more about the Celtic Triskel)  .   The stars represent “the dog star” or Sirius, regarded as the brightest star in our sky and is part of the 8 star constellation of Canis Major.  With one branch in the water and the other on land and connected to a swan of water, earth and air it is a card of the elements.  It is a card of grace, beauty and truth, without self-consciousness or self-aggrandisement. It represents the peace we feel within ourselves when we are truly connected in our natural state to all that there is. 

The star is the card of the “Light of the Magician” as the spirits of the universe grant her gifts of love, life and wishes and the wisdom to use them well. The falling star is in the tradition of “wishing upon a falling star" : “as above, so below” that we will be granted what we hope for, that what we dream of, we attract and manifes: The Law of Attraction. 

In a Reading

it is safew to hope and dream to our highest level as we are assurred that our hopes and wishes have been heard and will be granted if surrounding cards are positive. It is the gift of blessings, balance. peace and wisdom.

The Challenge of the STAR

Wish upon a falling star but don't wait.  Live as though it has arrived:The Law of Attraction. Sometimes we stop living, waiting for the gift ( like winning Xlotto ). By not being aware of the gifts we already have we can stifle the flow of universal abundance.

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