Strength Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Strength Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 15 Feb 2017

8. Strength: Power with Understanding

The Symbols

A fist is raised to the universe, yet slightly open to show a flexibility of determination. To be masters of our own destiny we need to be powerful, but be careful of not mis-using that power.  The world of business and civilisation symbolised by the city on the horizon is softened by the surrounding nature of the earth as a reminder that one cannot exist without the other. The hand reaching into space reminds us that what we wield in power is reflected in the philosophy of “as above, so below”: that decisions with power can have far-reaching consequences. The softness of the vine of flowers circling the hand show that power without compassion becomes brute force.

This is a card of power. You are powerful and capable of determining our own life path. Use power wisely.

Strength in a Reading

It is time to wield our own power and power is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. It can be about physical ability, sheer determination, having the personality that attracts a mate or business partner. It is about beiong both a leader and a strong follower to a cause, being the support in a venture. It is the quiet strength of spirituality and the powerr that can bash out a song on stage.  Strength is about power and knowing what our own particular strength is.

As an element in the journey of the Fool Strength is an important one in the knowledge of self or self-awareness.

Challenges of the Strength Card

Our challenges are to know ourselves well enough to understand our strengths and weaknesses and honour both as the light and the shadows. When we hide the things we don't like about ourselves to ourselves we are perpetually weak: like fighting off a bubble of air. It is only by facing and acknowleding and deaing with our own shortcomings, can we truly become and live a whole and powerful human life. So is the Strength card is surrounded by negative cards it is a indication to go on that journey and face our lack of strength.


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