Addiction of Feeling Good: The Ban of Pain Killers

Addiction of Feeling Good: The Ban of Pain Killers

Jo Nuske posted 10 Mar 2012

Capadex, Paradex, Doloxene off the shelves as from 1st march 2012 leaving many pain-riddled and addicted people without alternatives. 


Is feeling great just about not feeling bad?


Banned Painkillers

Being in chronic pain is a bitch. It is like a little devil that hangs around constantly, sometimes in the background and at others front and centre!  Being busy with a thousand chores and demands every day creates the temptation to just pop a pain-killer “just for the time being.”  We never mean to allow it to be a habit or addiction but before we know it, the little pill becomes a best friend we can’t do without.  We are dependent on not feeling lousy, sad or crook. . 

The clique that the “cure is worse than the cold” can be illustrated in some of the errors of synthetic pharmacy science . The latest acknowledgment of a ‘gaf’ is with the ban of the pain killers Capadex, Di-gesic, Doloxene and Paradex which have as a basic ingredient : dextropropoxyphene.  As a mild opiod it has finally been categorised as having the similar properties of heroine, morphine or pethidine and as such is addictive. (So is codeine BTW). It also can have multiple side effects (see

Di-gesics are still available until the end of May 2012: the pharmaceutical company getting a "stay of execution" at the last minute.


From the 1st March 2012, this ban of pain-meds with “upper” properties exposes the elderly and pain-vulnerable people to the horrors of withdrawal without alternative health-solutions.  (When it was banned in NZ in 2009 78,000 people were users.) 

The sudden cessation will cause withdrawal that includes nausea, vomiting, cramping, the shakes and mental distress. I can imagine the temptation for GP’s to prescribe anti-depressants, (also highly addictive) to deal with the transition of “feeling OK”. Don’t.  

Scullcap_FlowerNature’s plants and the herbalists who have made it their craft to renew the information of the ancient lore of the village healer may hold some answers.  Unfortunately governments and commercial medicine companies are making it their business to not only ban the growing and distribution of many of natural medicinal gifts, but are actively destroying the natural seed.  At least in Australia, (unlike Europe) some natural products are still legal. 

Here are a couple of the alternative remedies that may help with the horrors while coming ‘down’. If anyone knows of others, please let us know. 

Vitamin B: High levels of the B12 helps with detoxing and is great brain food for mood stability

Scull_cap_teaSkullcap : 2 varieties : Drunk as a tea

American Skullcap: has been used to help people withdraw from methodone addiction 


Chinese skullcap :Chinese skullcap has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat allergies, infections, inflammation, cancer, and headaches. It may also have antifungal and antiviral effects.

Guarana:  ( Berries) South Africa: A Natural caffeine for energy (the plant can be grown in Australia)

Here are some reference links that I found helpful.

Talk to a pharmacist, a naturopath or your local herb-remedy supplier to find a natural alternative.  Replacing one addictive pain killer with another (eg morphine patches)  is a cycle trap. 

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