The Festival of Wesak

The Festival of Wesak

Jo Nuske posted 20 Apr 2011

For the first time in my spiritual journey I heard the about the “Festival of Wesak” the most important Buddhist and spiritual time of the year. So I decided to do some research and after several hours of reading and cross-referencing terms, dates and rituals I had a head-ache and felt exhausted.  This is in part because in all the information I found, the facts differ slightly. Not being versed in the disciplines of Buddhism, nor on its history or origins, I will not repeat what I do not know as certainty.

So Instead of writing an article with a lot of factual and historical information I decided to write about the energies and purpose of Wesak and the way I might participate in this most sacred of times. I have included some fabulous links to those of you who are interested in the “proper” information.

However, the general idea I gleaned is that Wesak is a Buddhist festival and celebration of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddah and it is believed that the manifestation of his spirit, along with the consciousness of Christ AND Ascended masters visit the earth to gift the earth and humanity with light-love and power to find our path to our higher selves.  This happens in the full moon of Taurus each year : the date for 2011 is 17th May in Australia.

Traditionally, the actual visitation occurs at the foothills of the Himalayan-Tibet ranges in a circular valley,

and while it would be a fabulous experience to share this space and witness it personally, it is not possible for most of us.  If we remember that we are all connected, then by creating our own sacred space at the appointed time we can “be there in spirit.”

The heart of the Teachings of the Buddha is contained in the teachings of the Four Noble Truths, namely,

The Noble Truth of Dukkha or suffering
The Origin or Cause of suffering
The End or Cessation of suffering
the Path which leads to the cessation of all sufferings

When we consider the Christian celebrations of Easter we also deal with the terrible sufferings of Jesus as his gift to end suffering in humans and yet we still embrace, in part the process of suffering to find enlightenment.  

Both Buddah and Christ’s teachings have been trying to tell us that suffering is not necessary: in other words the KISS factor (keep it simple.) So in the acceptance of the gifts given I will keep my rituals

·        for Easter (the preparation/planning for Wesak) to simple meditation, clearing of debris without the strain, death of the old to prepare for rebirth and to do this with simple purpose and breath

·        The Wesak celebrations to listening, honouring and receiving the energies from the higher guardians by creating a circle for myself or with friends and opening my heart, mind and spirit to the gentleness and love given.

 ·        and the 3rd process at the full moon in June 15th for distribution ( being thoughtful, kind, looking after the earth in my own way.) Again creating a circle and filling it with healing and light to send back to the grid.

In this the gifts of enlightenment we are given do change the world : the millions of small gestures change the energy grid around the earth, its people, animals and plants into growing positives.



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