The Myth of Unconditional Love

The Myth of Unconditional Love

Jo Nuske posted 08 Aug 2016

No matter what spiritualists say about unconditional love, it is a myth.  If you constantly give it and do not receive it in return you become a “life-battery “ for a parasite.  

Christianity has told us to "turn the other cheek",,,"love thine enemy"  .......  Budhism says that unconditional love is to wish other people love..........The underlying judgement is that IF WE CAN'T we are less, unsaintly and less likely to reach the pinnacles of "Heaven or Nirvana." Spiritualists may make the label "un-enlightened".

Violence, threats, prejudice, abuse, hatred, teasing or bullying promote misery, depression, self-loathing and soul-destruction in the intended recipient.  How is love ever created out of that and why should it be deserved?   When the recipient, in despair ends their own life, do we love the perpetrators of the destruction?

Can you continue to love a partner who has hurt or betrayed you? If you have given your heart in complete trust and that trust has been walked all over, do you say

" That's Ok" ......  do it again.



With all of the strive and strife we go through to know paying the bills, keeping up the house and making it nice, clothing ourselves to make the most of our own self-esteem and the accoutrements of hair, nails and beauty…….

..........there is really only one thing that keeps us here.  Belonging. Friends and family should never be underestimated and the roots and the foundations that they bring. Without people connection, we are nothing….sole travellers on a very lonely journey.

That does not mean that we should hang out with just anyone for the company we keep helps us determine how we feel about ourselves.  If family that tells you that you are worthless they do not belong in your life …..  Friends that lord it over you with their “keep up with the Jones’s” would never meet you as an equal, nor ALLOW it, for they rely on you being lower in order to make themselves feel good. 

So go find some people that lift you up and make you feel welcome in their lives…..

As you share in joy, so you are more able to live in health and happiness.. and share it right back.

Blessed Be

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