Search for the Divine

Search for the Divine

Jo Nuske posted 22 Apr 2014

The Elements of Body, Mind and Spirit

The body demands that it be nourished and maintained through the physical reality of the earth’s provision: food, shelter, water and light. Without these physical tools we would not survive.

The mind gives us the raw materials to learn, develop and understand the tools that help to provide for the body’s needs: to hunt, to gather, to grow, to harvest, to provide shelter, to invent, to create and to teach.

The spirit tells us that there is more to be learned from the restrictions of what we know to be the third dimensional reality in which the body and mind reside.  This unknown is the traditional realm of God.

Can each of these exist without the others?

A body without a mind to drive it is a drooling insensible blob without purpose: without the ability to survive independently.

A mind that does not action the thoughts it creates: utilising physical effort to translate ideas into reality would not survive a season without the framework of the body.

The spirit is the essence of hope and love and encompasses the desire to reach beyond the levels of mere physical and mental survival.

Yet spirituality has been teaching us that we need only to hope, visualise,  pray or put our trust and faith in a higher energy to manifest our physical lives.    I have taught those principles.   So my spiritual-self challenged me and put me to the test over the past 3 years.   

Starry Spirituality

Discovering the Void

I wrote of the experience of the void: an energy that holds all time and space in a single moment and a feeling of the most profound completeness.  The void gave me access to and enhanced my natural 5 physical senses a thousand-fold as if I physically communed with God in a real sense.  I will not repeat what I wrote then for the void has not changed (see The nature of God : the Void)

My challenge was to incorporate what I felt in the void into every-day life.  You may describe this as bringing heaven down to earth.  I set out to live this energy in every moment of every day into my life to make my life wondrous.   I failed because I thought that the energy itself could solve and heal past hurt, pain, fears and betrayals by by-passing the necessity of engaging my mind and body.  

The Challenge

The past three years have taught me that in order to “fear no evil” I must walk through the muck and mire of the “valley of the shadow of death”.   There are no short-cuts.  Spiritual enlightenment is not about living in the etheric sky, dreaming of beauty or meditating away from life. It is not about having a faith-healer magically clear the debris of our self, nor are there any tricks in acupuncture, massage or yoga.  Instead the latter allows the issues to be seen, so that they can be acted upon with the mental determination to face our demons, to acknowledge our own flaws and to change the attitudes and behaviours that we manifest our lives with.

Spiritual enlightenment is meant to shine a light upon ourselves in full illumination, so that we cannot nor do not hide from ourselves.

We are God and the devil all at the same time. We are Yin and Yang, light and dark, right and wrong.  These opposites are created through the reflections of the society we live in, the religions we are taught, the friends we have, family or the enemies and the battles we fight.

However, we can find our true selves in the void.

The secret is then to be that self in the real world.

It requires that you step out into the world and brutally allow yourself to be wrong on every count in order to find the right.  Then you face every fear and conquer it, not only in your mind, but through action in the physical world. 

Only then can you begin the truly exciting journey of answering the question of “who am I?” in joy, acceptance and without fear.

This is the freedom the light give us

Blessed Be.

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