Tower Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Tower Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 15 Feb 2017

16. Tower : Destruction and Rebuilding

The Symbols of the Card

The tree of life : that nurturing representation of life’s growth has been struck by lightning and is burning. The pyramidal building is threatened as the structures we create, to protect us from the chaos of life and the elements is being attacked from all sides. The seas of emotion threaten to stomp us in its tidal wave and you can almost hear the screams of terror.

The Tower in a Reading

When we build a life based on unsound foundations: the wrong job (we are unhappy in even though the money is good); wrong relationship that has you in conflict rather than joy; the wrong location or community that does not meet your values; a bad investment made though wrong advice etc…….with all of these it is inevitable that plans and perceptions will crumble under your feet.

It is called  “the straw that broke the camel’s back” and it can seem like the Gods have blasted you with a bold of electrical power.

But ……. To build a house on the perfect land you may need to bulldoze the old one. Clear the debris.. Get rid of what is wrong. Then, new foundations based on what is good and right can be constructed. ( The roots of the tree are green and strong for a new tree grow from the old. ) What we carry into the future is the lessons we have learned and with those, the opportunity to re-invent yourself.

The Challenges of the Tower

Destruction can be averted with awareness that the future is in your hands, not necessarily ruled to fate. The tower appearing makes us re-evaluate our directions and our selves, which can be a good thing.



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