Truth: Fighting the Good Fight

Truth: Fighting the Good Fight

Jo Nuske posted 09 Jun 2013

Have the predictions of post 2012 come true?

Written on 9 June 2013, I think this has some validity!


Personal challenges of truth are everywhere. What may have been someone’s truth 6 months ago, may no longer apply. Relationships, jobs, life-styles, hopes, dreams and love are demanding scrutiny and change. This is the energy of post 2012 predictions

Be-aware the shadows that have hidden power manipulations, under-handed behaviours and untruths at universal, global and personal levels are being illuminated. When truth is out, those that have fought to hide from the world and even themselves will fight dirty battles to keep their lies from truly being seen. 

Someone working in integrity carries the ideology of being open about their intentions and actions. However a good general (and you are the general of your own life) does not fore-warn an opponent so that a counter-offensive can be planned before change can be implemented. A good strategist plans for the best outcome, with the intention of minimising destruction.

Plan your changes well.

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