Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Portal to the Stars Deck

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Portal to the Stars Deck

Jo Nuske posted 02 Mar 2017

10. Wheel of Fortune : Fate Turning

Symbols and Meanings

3 wheels of fate within each other are rolling: they could be going forwards or backwards into change. The direction of the wheel is controlled by the greater earth and space energies and something we may not be able to control.  The outer wheel of the Zodiac gives the idea that fate may already have been determined : that the very movement of the planets in our star chart is setting our path. The inner wheel of Roulette is that of luck and chance : a throw of the dice a risk. The inner wheel is that of numerology. By understanding the power of daily, monthly and yearly energies, perhaps we can be forewarned of the transitions of life and plan accordingly.

In a Reading

The Wheel of Fortune is the central number of the Tarot path: the pinnacle card between the beginnings of the soul journey or our basic learning lessons and the second half of the journey of the soul towards mastery.

Transition and change are influencing your fate. Are you ready to take the next step towards mastery? Are changes happening that you don’t understand, by fortunate or ill-luck? Are you ready to trust that luck? If bad luck has dogged you, expect new and better beginnings. The opposite is true, but remember that, with knowledge, it is possible to prepare.

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